E-Spec is a patent-pending technology that interprets and translates organization's proprietary (internal) specifications in combination with industry standards to create a custom e-specification. E-Spec displays your company's internal (proprietary) metal specifications to a designated audience from a dynamic web-based solution. Present various cross references to your new “E-Spec" (internal specification) using corresponding global standards.

E-Spec delivers superior communication, instant interpretation, and precise metal specifications/information, to improve quality, reduce order response times, and lower your costs. Whether you are buying or selling, E-Spec enables you to instantly convey accurate specifications electronically to automate and streamline procurement, order, production, certification, and delivery processes.


metalinfo licenses the data by providing its datasets to power some of the world's most sophiticated AI and enterprise solutions. With millions of unique datapoints, metalinfo can create robust data solutions for your organization. 


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